Shirley's feedback 2014

-by Shirley 

(Austin, TX, US)

Overall: Good

Business Ethics: Good

Follow up & Respond: Excellent

Products Received: Good

Problem Solve: Good

Charge & Commission: Affordable


I like working with Mike, he is responsive. He generally does what he says he will do, he is organized that helps me out a lot.

I don't have any complaints, I think that sourcing wise, if more effort is put into looking for a wider pool of sources that would be helpful.

This year in 2014 was really just the start of some activities and on our end, we're still trying to get organized, I anticipate that next year, there will be more volume and tighter time lines, we won't have as much room for delayed shipment, or holding to an order ...things like that...

so.. my recommendation is to be more discipline if following up with suppliers in between order placement and production dates promised and delivery time so that we don't find out on the day that we are expecting an order that it will actually be late.


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"charge are expensive, and we doesn't like to pay before the shipment"

"It was a great pleasure working with you"

"I like your Quick Service"

"Lily was very helpful, patient and responsive."

"Lisa was a very big help"

"I'd like to thank you for your commitment to high quality service"

"Overall is Good. Excellent follow up & respond, products received good, affordable charge & commission..."

"We could not have done this without your help.I want to thank you so much for your help."

"We found Jack and his team to be friendly, honest, trustworthy and diligent"

"We can honestly recommend Jack and his crew."


"Our business would not be where it is today without you and we are grateful that we found you and your company!"

"Would definitely use them again. Great work guys thank you!"

"Jack proved his trust, work ethic and commitment. I could't be happier with the decission I made."

“Our company is now the 4th year cooperating with Jack and his employees”

"An Ideal Agent!"

"The staff is very friendly and with expertise"

"Overall I am satisfied"

"The partner you need if you want to do business in Yiwu"

"Jack and his team were incredibly helpful and reliable"

"Honest, capable and thorough"

"He convinced me more than 100%!"

"I can highly recommend them to anyone seeking to do business in Yiwu."

"We decided to try them, and we have not regretted."

"You have shown me the huge value of working with a responsible, honest agent"

I can personally speak for Jacks honesty"

"Professional, kind and considerate in all you do. May God Bless you in all you do."

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